Digital Forensics For Evidence From Mobile Phones & Other Portable Electronic Devices

The demand for investigating cyber crime, and in particular, mobile phone forensics is growing rapidly as are the number of companies and “experts” offering such services. However, as with any forensic science discipline, experience counts to ensure that the digital forensics evidence used in Court is sound and that your expert witness is Court trained and can defend his / her forensic evidence robustly.

That’s why Forensic Access’ mobile phone forensics and other digital forensics services are so important: we pride ourselves on the quality of our work, the quality of our digital forensics experts, the quality of our reports and the quality of our Expert Witnesses in Court.

Our Mobile Phone & Portable Device Services

Our highly-experienced team of experts offer an extensive range of digital forensic investigation services for most types of portable electronic device evidence, including:

  • mobile phones: from sophisticated smart phones to “feature” phones
  • tablets
  • sat navs
  • iPods

From mobile devices we can recover most data types (live and deleted data), including:

  • mobile phone call histories
  • contact lists
  • SMS messages
  • What’s App messages
  • Facebook messenger
  • iMessages
  • App history
  • web browsing history
  • email communication
  • images, photos and videos

We also undertake data analysis so are able, for example, to identify communications between specific parties and on / between specific dates.

Where digital data is difficult to recover, due to the make and model of the mobile phone, we can apply “chip-off” and “J-tag” techniques.

Our Mobile Phone & Digital Forensics’ Expertise

Our digital forensics experts use both industry standard forensic software systems (Cellebrite and XRY) on all mobile devices to ensure as much data is recovered as possible.

Our mobile device experts are multi -disciplined in both mobile devices and computer evidence and can therefore assist in investigations with a variety of digital and mobile phone evidence.

All our experts are courtroom trained, independent, expert witnesses and have a wealth of experience in providing mobile phone and other digital forensics evidence in court. We are also able to attend at court if required to advise on the prosecution evidence and can provide instant examinations at court on mobile phone evidence introduced at a late stage.

Our Digital Forensics Reports

We provide all our mobile phone and other digital forensics’ reports in a concise, user friendly format and include a section 9 statement suitable for use in court.

Why Appoint An Independent Expert?

It is our belief that many prosecution investigations are not as thorough as those of an independent expert and we often recover data from mobile phones and other portable devices that the prosecution have failed to recover. It is especially important to instruct an experienced, independent expert witness and not to rely solely on the prosecution report.

In addition, police forces will often only triage a mobile device and therefore the data is not examined fully.

Of course, some prosecution reports only detail the information which assists their case and the mobile phone or other electronic device will often contain data that has not been served on the defence team, which may be vital in assisting the defence.

Digital Forensics Evidence & Investigation For Mobile Phones & Other Portable Devices

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