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'Challenging Scientific Evidence and Why It Matters' - Webinar with Angela Gallop

Forensic Access Founder, Angela Gallop, has provided a webinar for The Solicitor Group’s ‘LAW2020 Online…

June 26, 2020


Using a Phone Without a SIM is Not Game Over for Digital Forensic Examiners

Cellsite data provided by digital forensics can be valuable in a case, however there’s a…

June 26, 2020


Solicitors Beware: Unaccredited Experts Used in Firearms Forensics

The use of unaccredited and poorly regulated police “experts” in firearms investigation continues. This issue…

May 18, 2020


A Year in Forensic Science: The Forensic Science Regulator’s Report for Legal Professionals

For the forensic science industry, The Forensic Science Regulator’s annual report provides a summary of…

May 14, 2020


Fragmentation in Forensics: Key Information for Legal Professionals

The fragmentated approach to Forensic Science in the Criminal Justice System (CJS) is an issue…

May 04, 2020


Five Lessons for Forensics from the Forensic Science Regulator’s Conference

‘Learning from the Past and Planning for the Future’ (March 2020) The annual Forensic Science…

April 23, 2020


Why You Need a Digital Forensics Investigator

Kendall Platt, Forensic Access, discusses the digital forensic investigator's role in a criminal justice system…

April 17, 2020


Unnatural Selection - Forensic Science on the Endangered List - Professor Angela Gallop

This article featured in The Barrister Magazine in March 2020. Written by Forensic Access founder…

April 07, 2020