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Forensics and Pandemics: The Prevention of Criminal Injustice

Like every other part of our social fabric, our criminal justice system is suffering from…

April 03, 2020


Questioning the Validity of Forensic Evidence

“There is a need to review and challenge the national leadership, oversight and governance across…

March 23, 2020


DNA Advancement and Streamlined Forensic Reports (SFRs)

James Beard discusses the advancement of DNA profiling and its impact on his work as…

March 20, 2020


COVID-19 and Forensic Access Announcement

This is an update on our current position and operating model given the COVID-19 situation.…

March 20, 2020


International Women's Day at Forensic Access

It was International women’s day last weekend (8th March 2020) and this year’s theme is…

March 11, 2020


Interpreting Digital Forensics: Five things you should know about Digital Forensics in 2020

With mobile device ownership in the UK at a high, digital forensics is intrinsic to…

February 24, 2020


Quality Compromised is Justice Denied - Professor Angela Gallop

Great strides have been made in embedding international quality standards in forensic science work that…

January 01, 2020


Marks and Traces Lecture at Kings College London

We are pleased to have been invited by Kings College London to lecture on their…

November 13, 2019