News November 01, 2022

By Forensic Access

With the trial date set and the clock ticking, quickly finding a high-calibre forensic expert in the right niche can be challenging and time consuming. Which is why the Casework Team at Forensic Access maintains a 300-strong network of forensic experts we rapidly connect with our defence solicitor clients. But, as we explain, providing this service relies on far more than simply having a pool of specialists to draw on.

Rapid access to a broad range of experts

The complexities of finding a first-rate forensic expert with the know-how you need can vary significantly. Sometimes you'll require someone who's an authority with a single specialism, like pathology, firearms or forensic biology. While other cases need support from an expert with multidisciplinary knowledge or a niche specialism.

Either way, Forensic Access' Casework Support Team can connect you with the right person. Having worked in the forensic sector for over three decades, we've built strong relationships with an extensive network of experts in every forensic science field, including:

Within these headline fields, we also have experts with sub-specialisms. Like paediatric and neuro-pathologists as well as psychologists who specialise in autism, ADHD and learning difficulties, to name but a few.

While this level of specialism may seem niche, sometimes we need to go even further by providing a defence solicitor with an expert whose specialism also, for example, relates to a particular age. This means we’ll pinpoint a psychologist who's a leading expert in geriatric learning disabilities. Or a psychologist with expertise in ADHD in young children or teenagers.

As you'd expect, our experts are leaders in their field with many still working and keeping up to date with the latest research and developments. For instance, our practising neurosurgeons work in the NHS and for private hospitals. And we only work with Home Office pathologists who are, by definition, at the top of their game. By keeping our network well stocked with pre-eminent specialists, we ensure our defence solicitors receive expertise that can be relied on. But that's not all.

More than their specialism - the dual proficiency our experts bring to the defence

When it comes to providing specialists for legal cases, depth of knowledge isn't sufficient on its own. Because expert witnesses also need the essential court and defence casework experience that enables them to:

  • Understand and meet a legal brief.
  • Write an appropriately detailed, plain English report to deadline.
  • Provide a solid performance if they need to take the stand.

To make sure our experts meet these marks, we vet everyone we work with. Making certain that our specialists can write exceptional legal reports and are a safe pair of hands if they need to take the stand.  This involves ensuring every expert witness has the right qualifications, experience and, where relevant, licences needed to work on legal cases.

Our Casework Team also ensures we don't work with renegades or people who have a particular point to make. And you'll always be connected with someone who's experienced in providing evidence in court. Giving you peace of mind that your expert will communicate clearly, can withstand prosecutorial pressure and deliver the information provided in their report with no surprises.

Supporting defence solicitors into the future

One of the biggest challenges facing defence solicitors is the ability to source the right forensic expert. In part this is because it can be hard to find specialists who are willing to put their reputations on the line. But it's also because it's difficult for experts to gain legal experience.

At Forensic Access we recognise this challenge. And we're taking steps to ensure we maintain our network of high-quality experts in line with defence solicitors' changing needs.

We have a resource solely dedicated to continuously recruiting and vetting leading specialists with experience of writing court reports and taking the stand. We also train experts in areas like legal report writing and courtroom skills, giving experts who want to support solicitors the experience they need to work on defence cases.

This commitment to ensuring the quality of our specialist network means Forensic Access will continue to provide the breadth and depth of expert witnesses defence teams need, well into the future.

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