Alan Gore

Fingerprint Expert

A photograph of Alan Gore

Alan has over thirty four years’ experience in the identification of persons by means of finger and palm print comparison (plus the occasional footprint). He has made thousands of identifications and has given evidence in criminal (including criminal appeal) and civil courts on many occasions.

In the case of R v Peter Kenneth Smith which lasted six years, he was the lead expert, recovering the evidential fingermark, making the original identification and presenting evidence in three court hearings (twice at crown court and in between at the criminal appeal court). In total, ten expert witnesses unsuccessfully challenged his evidence. In addition, evidence was presented in court on screen utilising electronic presentation of evidence.

He began his career in 1986 as a trainee fingerprint officer with Nottinghamshire fingerprint bureau, qualifying as an expert in 1991. In 2012 he joined the regional fingerprint bureau in the East Midlands forensic services collaboration until retirement in August 2020.

As a senior fingerprint expert in the East Midlands he was actively involved in the regional fingerprint bureau’s accreditation to ISO17025, and for several years ran the mock courtroom practical assessment for forensic experts.

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