Lisa Avenell 

Lisa began her career as a forensic biologist with the Forensic Science Service, in London, in 2002. As a member of the Homicide Team, she gained experience in dealing with murder cases and other serious crimes from early on in her career. Lisa moved to Forensic Alliance (now LGC Forensics) in 2005 and quickly progressed to the level of Lead Scientist, dealing with a full range of crime cases involving biological evidence.  Prior to leaving LGC forensics, Lisa managed the Case Review (Cold Case) Team, and was directly involved with many high profile and very complex case reviews, receiving an Assistant Commissioner’s Commendation from the Metropolitan Police Service in recognition of her work on one such case.  Now, Practice Manager at Forensic Access, Lisa leads a busy office helping clients to understand the forensic opportunities in their cases, as well as managing the very wide breadth of experts covering almost all aspects of modern forensic science.