Forensic science services for child care proceedings

The forensic science expertise of Forensic Access has been recognised, over the years, by a number of local authorities, family solicitors and other organisations dealing with child care proceedings and child protection issues.

These cases, by their very nature are usually highly sensitive and often complex. The independent and specialist nature of Forensic Access makes us the ideal forensic provider for these difficult cases.

Confidentiality & Security

We know from the work we have done over the years for other Children’s Protection Departments, that confidentiality is of paramount importance in such cases.

We are well used to working under strict terms of confidentiality, and in fact, all of our staff have been cleared to a minimum of the Metropolitan Police CTC (Counter Terrorism) level, but in addition, for some very sensitive work we are currently undertaking we have 6 staff now cleared to “SC” level and three staff being cleared at the very high “DV” level. This high level of security should give Councils, solicitors and other child care organisations confidence that Forensic Access can deal securely with your case.

Case and evidence types

Our experienced forensic scientists can assist with numerous different case and evidence types. For example:


Drugs in hair

to assist with understanding a profile of drug abuse over time

Testing for alcohol abuse


Identification of powders and pills

from prescription medicines to drugs of abuse

Examination of items for body fluids

and subsequent recovery, identification and DNA profiling

Damage to clothing


Paternity issues

Using DNA profiling


Including lacerations and bruising (old and new)

Examination of hairs

for example, to determine if pulled out with force

Quality Accreditation

In May 2010 Forensic Access was awarded ISO 17025 accreditation for the recovery and identification of blood and semen by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS).