Forensic Evidence and Your Client

Forensic evidence is now a key part of many criminal cases. The prosecution has access to a growing number of full service and specialist forensic providers and juries can easily be swayed by hi-tech science. But forensic science often relies on interpreting complex scientific data derived from the tinniest traces of material. This can be compromised in any one of a number of different ways. Doesn’t your client deserve an independent and objective view of the evidence to check that it all stacks up?

Maybe there is undiscovered evidence that backs up your client’s account or an alternative innocent explanation. Perhaps there was the potential for contamination or for the original examination or interpretation to be biased in the prosecution’s favour. Forensic Access offers your client a comprehensive, authoritative, independent and impartial forensic service.

Contamination? Misinterpretation? Previously unfound? ‘Alternative’ evidence?

To get to the bottom of scientific evidence inc the most cost effective way, Forensic Access offers services at a range of levels. At one end of the scale we can provide simple paper reviews of the prosecution scientist’s reports and give any sensible alternatives and pointers for cross examination.

At the other, we can carry out comprehensive and bespoke investigations of the relevant exhibits, associated tests and protocols used by the prosecution, or we can provide anything in between.

Access to the Top Forensic Experts

Since 1986 Forensic Access has been challenging and re-testing forensic evidence. Forensic Access offers your client:



Expert forensic scientists who have all previously worked for major forensic providers

Extensive Experience

Forensic scientists with extensive experience of working with prosecution and defence and giving objective interpretations of scientific data


A unique blend of forensic scientists covering all aspects of forensic science

Specialist forensics

experts in all related fields including forensic pathology, scenes of crime examination, and forensic photography

Our investigations can include:


Inspecting crime scenes

An exercise with is usually very instructive even months or years after the event.

Reconstruct crime scenes


Critique Original

Interpretations and scientifically test alternative scenarios, provide new avenues for investigation and advise on the use of new forensic technologies.

Building Your Client’s case

Written advice in the form of summary notes, or short or full reports and Section 9 expert witness statements when required
Laboratory demonstrations of technical aspects of critical evidence
Briefings at case conferences to ensure that the scientific evidence is properly understood
Suggestions for potentially useful lines of questioning at court so that any weaknesses in the evidence can be properly exposed

For independent world class forensics