Environmental Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring in “clean” industries: pharmaceutical, forensic consumables, etc.

Many industries need to prove and give confidence to their customers that their products meet exacting standards. Companies often want an independent company, such as Forensic Access, to undertake this work – giving added confidence that high standards are met and products are safe for their intended use. 

Forensic Access offers a tailored service to suit the particular customer’s needs. We have assisted a range of different sectors of industry in environmental monitoring work. Using the skills of our forensic scientists and our analytical expertise we can help manufacturers and suppliers feel confident that their products meet high standards, or if we do identify any contamination, we do this quickly and report it to the customer immediately, so that they can take the appropriate action.

Analysis of samples

We can analyse samples sent to us and report on the results, or visit the customer premises and carry out our own sampling with subsequent examination and analysis at our own laboratories.  As an example of our work, we have recently carried out analysis of swabs sent to us, by a manufacturer of items sold as DNA-free to the forensic science industry.

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