Internal and Workplace Investigations

Investigations in the workplace can be difficult and need handling with complete confidentiality. Forensic Access can assist with such investigations when there is a need to examine and analyse items. 

As independent forensic scientists serving the Criminal Justice System, Forensic Access’ day-to-day work is dealing with difficult and confidential situations, usually involving working for the police or the Criminal Defence Service. We can also offer our forensic expertise to assist organisations and individuals who wish to carry out investigations in their workplace, office, etc.

Using our wide range of forensic techniques (see our Forensic Services page) we can investigate a whole range of issues that may arise in your place of work, from document analysis in cases of suspected forgery, to the identification of tablets and white powders found in the work place, to fingerprint analysis and examination of possible body fluid contamination.

Our scientists and casework managers have a high level of security clearance and will handle your enquiry and any subsequent investigation in complete confidence. We have our own DNA-secure laboratories in which we can examine and analyse items and we can also visit your site/office if you so require.

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