Product Contamination

Product Contamination

Investigations into substance and source – malicious and accidental

Forensic Access is often called upon to use its forensic science investigative and analytical expertise in cases of contamination of manufactured products in the factory or in retail outlet.

Whether you manufacture or trade in retail or commercial goods, product contamination in its many forms can, for example, halt production lines, cause consumer panic and damage reputation. We have experience of dealing with accidental manufacturing contamination and malicious contamination, either during manufacture or at retail outlets.

Our forensic scientists will discuss your issue with you, and, after assessing the facts will produce a strategy for the investigation and any subsequent analysis of the contamination. We can examine items in our own laboratories and we can visit your site, if required, to investigate potential sources of contamination. Our whole approach is tailored to your needs and time requirements (we know that these cases are often urgent, in order, for example, to get the production line started again).

Examples of our product contamination work

Over the years the investigative and analytical skills of the Forensic Access scientists have assisted many companies in identifying both the contamination and its source. For example:

  • Under contract with a healthcare product manufacturer to assist with identifying contamination present on either manufactured product referred from their own Quality Control Department and from their Customer Services Department when dealing with items returned from consumers (showing potential contamination);
  • Identifying marks on the packaging on pharmaceutical products, then visiting the manufacturer and identifying the actual source;
  • Undertaking detailed analysis of coloured marks on small, manufactured components, interpreting the results and assisting the manufacturer in finding the source of the contamination;
  • Identifying the types of fibres found on CDs during manufacture and then further identifying the source.

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